Health and Safety Plan

Specifics of the Health and Safety Plan

We have carefully developed a framework of standards to re-open our Tribal enterprises safely, thoughtfully, and in conjunction with advice from internal and external industry experts.  We aim to do all we can to reduce the spread of COVID-19, while balancing the very real economic needs of not only our Nation, but the thousands of families that depend upon us for their livelihoods. The standards outlined in this plan are designed to assist in the prevention and control of potential outbreaks of COVID-19, and apply to our guests, team members, and vendors.  As information and guidance available on COVID-19 continues to evolve, we will also respond quickly to modify our procedures and requirements as needed.

Our reopening framework was built around eight primary standards, with specific guidelines and best practices under each category. These standards will serve as our Yaamava' safety and responsibility promises to our guests and team members moving forward.

Our eight reopening standards include:

1. Hand washing, hand sanitizing and wearing gloves.
2. Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of all enterprise spaces, facilities and equipment.
3. Implementation of additional food safety initiatives for preparation and service.
4. New protocols identifying and caring for those exhibiting any symptoms of illness.
5. Implementation of health screenings at all facility entry points.
6. Adoption of social distancing policies to maintain safe distances between individuals.
7. Providing the best, most updated information and team member training available.


What You Can Expect: Prepare and Be Aware

From our patrol cars to parking lots, Public Safety procedures with our security and first responder teams will be visible to ensure all visitors and employees have the safest possible experience while visiting or working at Yaamava' properties, upon arrival through departure. Rapid response teams at the ready will be engaged if and where needed, continuing to closely follow guidelines from the CDC and local public health officials. We plan to roll out a contact tracing program partnering with local public health authorities.


To maximize guest and team member safety, Yaamava' transportation services will be limited during our initial reopening, including a temporary closure of all valet, guest shuttle, and employee shuttle services.  Our guests and team members will be provided with parking directions and instructions where applicable in our drive routes and parking facilities.


Upon arrival at all Yaamava' properties, trained professionals will conduct a health screening of each guest and team member, utilizing a “no touch” thermometer and ensuring that proper cloth face coverings are in place for everyone’s protection. Secondary follow-up screenings and healthcare guidance resources for guests will also be available at entry points. 


Public and team member spaces will be thoroughly and regularly sanitized, including all hard and soft surfaces like ATM machines, slot machines, touch screens, computers, telecommunications equipment, service kits, railings, doors, desks, countertops, gaming tables, dining tables and chairs, tile floors,  carpets, and restrooms. Team members will also be available to address additional cleaning requests or questions from our guests. The use of hand sanitizer will be encouraged and readily available throughout our properties.


Line queues will be visually demarcated via signage and markers for all amenities, service desks, cage counters, and hospitality venues to help remind our guests and team members to follow social distancing guidelines. Additional safety initiatives, such as installing plastic buffers and staggered service counter stations, will be implemented where possible. Any events and promotions offered upon reopening will be structured to ensure that social distancing guidelines are maintained, including line queues and touchless contact points, with our guest and team member safety as the top priority.


Yaamava' slot machines will be reopened at appropriate intervals with chair removals to ensure adequate separation between guests, and unrelated guests will be discouraged from congregating behind players. Table games will also be arranged to accommodate social distancing and prevent group gatherings. Team members across our gaming floors will be trained to exercise additional safety protocols, including sanitization of all gaming-related equipment and touch points, like card shoes, pit podiums, and slot buttons. 


At our retail locations, cash registers, work stations, service carts, and other equipment will be regularly sanitized, with our venues all following recommended guest occupancies and distancing guidelines. Retail offerings will focus on our guests’ essential service needs like sundries, toiletries, and pre-packaged food and beverage items.


Our dining outlets available upon reopening will provide new opportunities for guests and team members to enjoy some of their favorite flavors once again. This includes additional safety and sanitation procedures, such as order-ahead takeout options, digital and disposable menus, hand wipes, contactless delivery, cashless payments, and single-use utensils and condiments.

Our Commitment to Educating Team Members and Preparing for the New Guest Experience

All San Manuel team members will complete robust trainings and learn the most recent safety information in collaboration with our expert internal and external healthcare representatives, human resources, and risk mitigation teams. Training content will include key best practices such as good hygiene, thorough handwashing, social distancing, face coverings, and identifying and reporting illness symptoms. Regular departmental audits will also be conducted for maximum safety assurance.


Our commitment to sustainable public health and safety policies and practices will be led and implemented by a new functional team.   We are introducing new roles into our operation designed to effectively screen team members and guests for illness, to maintain cleanliness and social distancing, and to answer questions about safety protocols. We will be partnering with health educators to develop and deploy this curriculum and certification, and look forward to opportunities to retrain current team members to be able to serve in these capacities.


In support of our team members, who we recognize are adjusting to a new set of procedures and challenges, we are evaluating numerous options for our sick-leave policy and for childcare. We believe that if we can offer some relief from these concerns, our guests will receive the safest, most enjoyable experience.


We know that when we reopen our doors, the San Manuel enterprises might not look the same as our guests and team members remember them. Some of our venues and services will be unavailable upon reopening, but our dedication to first-class hospitality and entertainment will never waiver. We might not return to the way things were right away, but we look forward to greeting and serving our valued guests and each other safely, responsibly, and with our same San Manuel spirit.